CHAI are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya. The group consists of four women—Mana, Kana, Yuuki and Yuna. Formed in 2012, the band released their debut studio album Pink in 2017. “PING PONG!” is off of their latest album, WINK. About this new album Mana says, they worked on cultivating an album she described as “more than a human friend — someone you can go to when you’re upset, someone you go to when you’re happy, when you wake up first thing in the morning, when you want to cry.” And that’s why they’re in this week’s HOT SPOT!


Nashville’s Terry Presume is unapologetically himself in every song he releases. Blending indie, alternative, hip hop, and rock, he has been making music that is unique to him. He grew up surrounded by Haitian Kompa music from his mom, and the sounds of 50 Cent, Eminem and classic R&B that was heard throughout his community. His song, “ZaZa and Some Runtz (Smoke Break)” is in this week’s HOT SPOT.


Terry Presume

Sneaks is Eva Moolchan, an American spoken word and post-punk musician from Washington, D. C. She used to be in a band called the Sh*tstains, which piqued our interest if we’re being honest. She has been releasing music as Sneaks since 2014. Simon is a  Scorpio, and this track seems very complimentary to having a relationship with a Scorpio….listen to “Scorpio on Your Side.”